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My Furry Friends Sez:

Are you a new Furry Friend owner?  Here's a few tips to help you get started!​

Not too tight!

Check your puppy’s collar daily, or at least weekly, to make sure it’s not too tight!  Remember the “two finger rule”.  You should always be able to easily slide two fingers under the collar and the collar should then feel snug, not tight. 


At 8 weeks old, your puppy is ready for training!

- Commands: Good, No, Come, Stay, Lay Down, Drop it

- Crate training

- Handling - Grooming, clipping nails, giving medicine

Wormer Treatments

     Your puppy has received wormer treatments of pyrantel pamoate, the most recommended wormer treatment.  It is effective against 2 types of roundworms, 3 types of hook worms, and pinworms.

     Best practices recommend that your puppy also receive 12 week, 16 week and 6 month wormer treatments after going home with you.


     When your puppy is about three to four months old, his baby teeth will start shedding, making room for about 42 adult teeth to come in.

     Your puppy will want to chew something to soothe soreness in the gums.   Hard nylon or rubber chew toys are recommended, and once that can be chilled may be more soothing.

     Avoid providing small toys that could be a choking hazzard or stuffed toys that have loose parts like plastic eyes that could be removed and swallowed. 

     If you provide a stuffed toy, be careful your puppy doesn't chew through it and eat the stuffing!

Healthy Lifestyle

     Dogs are naturally very healthy and resilient, as long as they get good food, attention, exercise, rest and avoid harmful substances.

     Do a little research on the dog food that you get to make sure it has good quality ingredients and no harmful preservatives or other chemicals.

     Check out the Dog Food Advisor link at the bottom of the page for information on the quality of ingredients of many dog food brands.

House Training!

      Dogs have a natural instinct to keep the "den" clean and will try to go potty outside of their sleeping area. 

     When a pet store confines a puppy in an area that combines sleeping and potty areas it forces them to break their instinct for a clean den and learn some bad habits that can be hard to unlearn!   

      Furry Friends puppies are prepared for house training from the earliest age by providing separate sleeping and potty areas, which should make your job much easier, and more pleasant! 
    It is best to take your puppy outside for 15-30 minutes after mealtimes to eliminate.  When you first bring your puppy home, try to bring it out every 1.5-2 hours for a few days during waking hours.  Give your puppy some water to drink about fifteen minutes before taking your puppy outside.

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