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Come meet My Furry Friends!

Text or leave a message:  (978)  482-7177  

We spend a lot of time caring for the puppies and kittens, so we may not be able to answer a call.  Please send a text or leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you soon!


Contact us to set up a time to visit in Pelham, NH

Reserve your puppy or kitten!

In each litter, puppies or kittens will be chosen after 4-6 weeks of age in the order that deposits were received.  So if you were the 2nd person to place a deposit, you would have 2nd choice!  At that age, your puppy or kitten will be a little bigger and more active and you'll better see its personality!

If you'd like to reserve your choice of puppy or kitten, we accept deposits via Venmo or Paypal at "" or in an in-person visit.


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