Denali & Lilac Dam Ana Purna
Denali & Seal  Dam Katu
Upcoming Balinese litters!

Here's current availability for our upcoming Balinese kittens!

- Lilac dam Tiri and seal sire Minsky's February 2022 litter, color points should range from lilac to seal, 6th choice is currently available

Kittens can be reserved with a $200 deposit via Venmo, Paypal, or in person.  The remaining $1,250 can be paid when you take your kitten home!  Litter size varies typically from 5-8 so we will refund any deposits if there are not enough kittens in a litter.  

(Pictures of the kittens are from a prior litter)

Lilac Sire Denali
cat tree cubby 20181116_085014 cr.jpg
Seal sire Minsky
Lilac dam Tiri
More information about Balinese kittens

Do you love the fur of a Persian or Himalayan but don't want the potentially irritating allergies and high level of shedding?  So you like the color points, blue eyes and wonderful temperament of a Siamese but with a longer, silky coat?

If so, a Balinese might be just the kitten for you!  Balinese cats are Siamese with an unusual trait for long hair!  We breed to perpetuate those 'best of all world' features of the amazing Balinese breed!

Kittens from prior litters
Lilac dam Sunny
Lilac dam Lily