2 Balinese Kittens still available!

Balinese are our favorite cats!  Affectionate, playful, low shed, very low in allergens, striking blue eyes, and gorgeous silky coat and tail like an arctic fox.  They are easy going, great with kids and pets, love to cuddle and play, very fond of people, and typically follow you around the house like a puppy!

We have 2 kittens available that are now ready to go home!  Both are males with lilac color points!  Kittens are $1,150 and can be paid with Venmo, Paypal, Square Cash or in person. 


Sire and dam in top row of pictures, kittens are in the 2nd row!

Now here!  New litter with Seal Color-point Dam and Lilac Color-point Sire!

Our Seal color-point dam Katu had her kittens on December 29!  Currently we have 3 kittens that are not yet reserved.  Pictures coming soon!


If color points and choice of male/female are important to you, reserve your choice early!  Kittens can be reserved with a $200 deposit with Venmo, Paypal, Square Cash or in person.  The remaining $950 can be paid when you take your kitten home!

More information about Balinese kittens

Do you love the fur of a Persian or Himalayan but don't want the potentially irritating allergies and high level of shedding?  So you like the color points, blue eyes and wonderful temperament of a Siamese but with a longer, silky coat?

If so, a Balinese might be just the kitten for you!  Balinese cats are Siamese with an unusual trait for long hair!  We breed to perpetuate those 'best of all world' features of the amazing Balinese breed!

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