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Sequoia, Goldendoodle!


​Sequoia is a super sweet, gentle Goldendoodle who loves people, playing, and relaxing.  She's 2.5 years old, still young but past  puppyhood.  $1,400


Benefits of having a companion pet:

- People with pets are happier and healthier!  

- Studies show lower risks of heart attack, depression and reduces stress!

- Increase opportunities to get out, socialize and exercise!

- Great companions for kids, teens and elderly helping to provide emotional stability and reduce anxiety.

Goldendoodles are beautiful non-shedding dogs with a gorgeous, easy to maintain coat, the social awareness and trainability of a Golden Retriever and intelligence and poise of a Poodle! 

Faith, Poodle!

 Faith is a gentle, easy-going standard Poodle who loves to be with her people. She's 7 years old, and likes to go for a run in the park or relax in a sunny spot.  $800

What's in a "Puppy Pack"?

A "Puppy Pack" is included with your puppy to make it easier to welcome your puppy to the family!  The Puppy Pack includes:

- New puppy instructions with best practices for feeding, training, wormer, vaccines, and other helpful information!

- A dog toy with the familiar scent of the mother and litter-mates for a more comfortable transition

- A Nylabone to chew on as the puppy's teeth grow in

- Food to transition your puppy gradually to your preferred brand

- A puppy pad for the ride home

- All in a handy "My Furry Friends" backpack to keep everything organized!

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