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"Puppy Pack" included

For an easier transition.  Information and calendar, toy with dam's scent, chew toy, dog food, puppy pad.   Free with any puppy. More information below.

Goldendoodle Puppies!


We have one medium Goldendoodle puppy available that will be ready to go home June 26.

Our next f1b standard Goldendoodle litter is expected to be born in August and currently has 3rd choice available! 

You can reserve a puppy with a $300 deposit, and the remaining $2,100 can wait until you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks old.  Goldendoodle puppies are $2,400.  


Goldendoodles are beautiful non-shedding dogs with a gorgeous, easy to maintain coat, the social awareness and trainability of a Golden Retriever and intelligence and poise of a Poodle! 

Benefits of having a companion pet:

- People with pets are happier and healthier!  

- Studies show lower risks of heart attack, depression and reduces stress!

- Increase opportunities to get out, socialize and exercise!

- Great companions for kids, teens and elderly helping to provide emotional stability and reduce anxiety.

Bailey sprawl cr.jpg
Bailey, the sire

Bailey is a very friendly, gregarious Standard Poodle.

Sequoia, the dam:  

Sequoia is a gentle, super sweet Goldendoodle.

Sequoia 20230824_174954.jpg
What's in a "Puppy Pack"?

A "Puppy Pack" is included with your puppy to make it easier to welcome your puppy to the family!  The Puppy Pack includes:

- New puppy instructions with best practices for feeding, training, wormer, vaccines, and other helpful information!

- A dog toy with the familiar scent of the mother and litter-mates for a more comfortable transition

- A Nylabone to chew on as the puppy's teeth grow in

- Food to transition your puppy gradually to your preferred brand

- A puppy pad for the ride home

- All in a handy "My Furry Friends" backpack to keep everything organized!

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