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About My Furry Friends

We love dogs and cats and hope every good home can have a Furry Friend!

Our puppies and kittens are raised in a natural setting with lots of attention, so they can be happy, confident and well socialized for your family!   



What's it like getting a puppy or kitten from My Furry Friends?

You'll get to meet the puppies or kittens and their parents so you have a better idea what your pet will be like when it becomes an adult.  A My Furry Friend puppy or kitten includes the following:

- Your deposit secures your choice order for the litter.  You can choose your puppy or kitten after 4 weeks old when its old enough for you to get a sense of its personality and how fast its growing

- Wormer treatments for puppies at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.

- Play toy to bring with you that will provide a familiar object and scent to help your puppy or kitten have a more pleasant transition

- Plenty of food to transition your puppy or kitten to the brand of your choice

- Puppies are raised with separate sleeping and potty areas so they can use their instincts to avoid making a mess in their sleeping area, and making it easier for you to house train your puppy.  Kittens are raised with litter boxes for house training.

- Information sheet with calendar of key dates for feeding changes, wormer treatments, and vaccines; food transition information, vaccine primer, and information about the parents.

- Health guarantee - have your puppy or kitten examined by a qualified veterinarian and bring it back to us within a week of pick-up if there's any health issue that is not easily treatable and we'll issue a refund of both the deposit and final payment.

Are you ready to bring a Furry Friend home to your family!


F1B Goldendoodles
Here's one of our beautiful F1B Goldendoodles.  Non-shedding, full of personality and gorgeous!  Maybe we're a little biased but just see for yourself!


Bichon Frise
Looking for all of the personality in a much smaller package? 


Then these always happy, energetic Bichon pups are the way to go!

couch 20181109_221740 cr2.jpg

Looking for a gorgeous kitten with a great personality that loves people and is very low in allergens?

We can't imagine a better choice that the magnificent Balinese!

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