What's in a "Puppy Pack"?

A "Puppy Pack" is included with your puppy to make it easier to welcome your puppy to the family!  The Puppy Pack includes:

- New puppy instructions with advice on feeding, training, wormer, vaccines, and other helpful information!

- A dog toy with the familiar scent of the mother and litter-mates for a more comfortable transition

- A Nylabone to chew on as the puppy's teeth grow in

- Food to transition your puppy gradually to your preferred brand

- Wormer for the 12 week, 16 week, and 6 month treatments

- A puppy pad for the ride home

- All in a handy "My Furry Friends" backpack to keep everything organized!

Bichon Frise Puppies!

Our December litter of Bichon puppies is fully reserved, but our next litter of Bichon Frise puppies is expected in early February!  So far 3 are reserved and litter size is typically 3-5.  Let us know if you would like to reserve a puppy, come by and meet the parents, or be added to the birth announcement list! 


Bichons are known for their lovable, joyful, and energetic personalities.  Its like having a puppy that never grows up!

Bichon puppies are only $1,550 and can be reserved with a $300 deposit!  The remaining $1,250 can be paid when the puppy is ready to go home at 8 weeks old!  (Picture shown from a prior litter of the Sire and Dam).   If we do not have enough puppies in the litter we will refund the last deposits received.

Goldendoodle Puppies - Faith's Next Litter!

Faith's next litter of f1b Goldendoodle puppies is expected in early March!  Currently 1 puppy is reserved and litter size is 6-10 so there's time to reserve an early choice!   

Goldendoodles are beautiful non-shedding dogs with a gorgeous, easy to maintain coat, the social awareness and trainability of a Golden Retriever and intelligence and poise of a Poodle! 

The puppies in this litter will typically range from cream to caramel with various shades in between (which we call latte)!  Puppies can be reserved with a $300 deposit which is credited to the total price of $1,900.  (Photos are from a prior litter).

Not sure what kind of dog food to buy?  Here's a great site to research the quality of ingredients!

Want to learn more about vaccines?

New Hampshire rabies vaccination resource