Buddy & Hope  
  Buddy's Puppy Picture
Hope's Puppy Picture
 Faith's Puppy Picture
A Puppy from a Faith Litter
  Trixie's Puppy Picture
Trixie with a Pup and Buddy

Buddy is an F1 Goldendoodle (50% Golden Retriever, 50% Standard Poodle) and retains much of the Golden Retriever look, which allows us to offer non-shedding F1B Goldendoodle puppies with a great mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle features!

Buddy has great intelligence, emotional IQ and awareness, a big heart, and listens well.  He knows how to bring the other dogs back when they wander a bit too far on a walk, and has a great nose that can find hidden scented objects in a couple minutes.  


Hope is 100% Standard Poodle and is fun-loving, playful, intelligent, agile and loyal.  She's also a great mom who has beautiful puppies ranging from cream color to latte to caramel color. 


We still have 2 puppies available from Hope's litter who will be ready to go home on February 24!  


Faith is also a 100% Standard Poodle who is a beautiful, athletic, good natured girl.  Her puppies are a similar size as Hope typically growing to 40-60 lbs with the females on the smaller side of the range and the males on the larger side. 

Her puppies have beautiful fluffy coats ranging from cream color to latte to caramel color.  Her litter still has 4 males and 3 females available ready to go home with you on February 28!


Trixie is a super sweet, smart medium sized Standard Poodle.  Her puppies are on the smaller side typically growing to 30-40lbs.  She has gorgeous puppies ranging from cream color to latte to caramel color.   

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