Furry Friends

Puppies now Available!

Recently a little boy held one of our puppies and was so moved a tear rolled down his cheek. 


My childhood would not have been so bright if not for my dog who was always nearby, exploring, playing or laying on the grass looking at the clouds. 

This is the best part of what we do and we're looking forward to meeting more great families in 2021 and adding some more joy to life!



Here's one of our beautiful F1B Goldendoodles.  Non-shedding, full of personality and gorgeous! 

Maybe we're a little biased but come see for yourself!

Bichon Frise


Balinese Kittens

Looking for all of the personality in a much smaller package? 


Then these always happy, energetic Bichon pups are the way to go!

What cat has the most gorgeous coat, is low shed and very low in allergens and has the personality of a puppy? 

Here's our choice for best cat, the Balinese!

Current litters!
Click the "Now Available" link to see the puppies and kittens currently available!  Now Available 

Not sure what kind of dog food to buy?  Here's a great site to research the quality of ingredients!

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Want to learn more about vaccines?

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